Why is My Getting Fat Day by Day Causes Remedies in Home


Usually people don’t want to have Round Shaped Face or Odd shaped face or Fatty Face with chubby cheeks and double chin and will be desperate to have Face Fat Reduction fastly or thinking of how to get rid of Fat Face fastly,Becuase people wont look attractive with odd looks of bloated face or by birth odd shapeness of face is there then it should be matter of little worry if you want to be more attractive and man would have reduced the confidence levels due to odd shape faces, So everybody may need to increase the confidence levels by having sculpted jaws and lean face just like models or average attractive face.Many of us will be worrying about what causes a fat face and a neck but not body and will trying out for an solution to how to reduce face fat naturally fast in a week for fat guys and gals with some home remedies to avoid bloated face answering all the questions like how to lose face fat in a week fastly and desperately,here are some suggestions mentioned below.


Reasons Behind Face Getting Fatter or Bloated ::

1)) Sleep for less time (i.e less than 8 hours sleep)

2)) Sleeping at late night

3)) Watching televisions or operating Laptop or mobile phone late nights

4)) Improper diet or diet with heavy fats which leads to weight increase

5)) Stress and Emotionally Depressed people get bloated Face


What are General Remedies and Precautions to Reduce Fat Face ::

1)) Reduce your OverAll Body Weight

2)) Consume Regular and Lots of  Water Regularly

3)) Eating less Calorie and Hygienic Food

4)) Avoid Food allergic to Body and Consume Healthy Food

5)) Control Mind Over Your Weakness towards Food

6)) Do Regular Exercise or Yoga to Keep Face Slim

7)) Women could use Face Slimming Makeup to show face slim

8)) Have Face Suiting Hair Cuts for Chubbby Cheek and Double Chin Coverage

9)) Never go for Cosmetic Surgeries

10)) Sleep Minimum 7 to 8 hours with peace of mind

11)) Avoid Stress in Life

12)) Use Herbal Face Fat Reduction Products 


Try to Have Natural easy habits of simple exercises like as follows ::

11a : Blowing Balloons in home regularly during parties,functions etc.
11b : Putting Steamed Towels over face to reduce Bloat Face.
11c : Chew sugar-free gum for at least 20 minutes twice a day


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Face Fat _Reduc_1aa.jpg