15 Incredible Tactics do How To Cover Grey White Hair Naturally



Are you deeply worried about your white hair at your present age and dear teenager are you worried about the premature grey hair or white hair naturally at home without any side effects and you want to do how to cover grey hair naturally and will to turn grey
hair into black hair naturally with coffee and other natural ingredients to make reversing grey hair as it is possible as permanent solution to cover grey hair at home for men of wiki and also women of any age including teenage people and young kids with transgenders also.

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If you are having average age but get some causes white hair or gray hair with ease treatment for how to prevent and do reversal without using dye ombre or any hair color,if are seriously willing to do how to prevent white hair in teenagers or anybody facing white hair problem in teenage and will do how to prevent white hair from spreading and also want to know the causes of white hair for men and women of any age and seeking any medicine for white hair to turn to black hair and some body wants to know that can white hair turn black again and any teenage willing to know that
why do i have white hair at 15 or 18 or 20’s age.


Causes of white Hair is :
The premature graying problem is largely DNA carried by which Hair follicles contain pigment cells that produce melanin, which gives your tresses their color and hence when body stops generating melanin, hair presents itself as gray,white, or silver, Even Melanin also provides moisture, so when less is produced.

** Using Chemicalised Shampoo
** Eating lots of junk food and oily food
** Using Hard Water like Bore Water
** Using Styling Gel or lots fashionable hair colors
** Lack of sleep lead to premature
** Late like viewing T.V and mobile watching increase stress levels
leading to reduction in melanin production at hair follicle levels.
** Variation in Hormonal Levels


15 Natural Tactics to Cover Grey Hair or White Hair at Home ::

1) Mixtures of 5 Spoons of Curd with 1 Squeezed Lemond and 1 Spoon Honey

2) Mixture of Coconut 5 spoons ,1 Spoon Curd ,1 Spoon Lemon Juice

3) 1 Spoon Amla Powder,1 Spoon Henna Powder with water to paste and apply

4) Black Tea Decoction mixed with 1 Spoon Curd for application

5) Boil few Curry Leaves in 1 cup of Coconut oil and after cooling apply on scalp alternate nights

6) Mustard Oil 1 Spoon,1 Spoon alma powder,apply the mixture on the hair

7) Jojoba Oil 1 Spoon,1 Spoon alma powder,apply the mixture on the hair

8) Kalonji Oil 1 Spoon,1 Spoon alma powder,apply the mixture on the hair

9) Fenugreek powder 2 Spoons mixed in 3 Spoons of Onion Juice

10) Aplly Pure Henna Paste for 2 hours every alternate days in a week

11) Sage Leaves mixed with Curd as paste and apply for 2 hours for 3 times in week

12) SeaSame Oil boiled with curry leaves in 3 weeks in a week

13) Hibiscus Oil mixed with castor oil equally and apply every alternate nights

14) Banana Trunk Paste 2 Spoons with coconut oil of 2 spoons and apply alternative nights

15) Mix Cator oil,Coconut Oil,Mustard Oil,SeaSame Oil,Hibiscus oil each 1-spoon and apply alternative nights.


All above 15 tactics are simple natural methods to get rid of white hairs, but results varies from person to person
with any side effects.

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