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Looking for an Alternative to Glutathione Injections and Non-Working Skin Whitening Pills ?

You would tried many things like skin whitening creams,skin lightening injections and would have visited many dermatologits and skin whitening clinics to skin lightening treatment with ease price and sure results and also tried some glutathione injections for changing your skint tone to get complete and intense fairness ease price and cost.

Dr Wong Tonic is an herbal tonic with herbs and plant extracts which reduces the melanin levels in the body by controlling the gland which produce melanin to skin, it has no side effects and do not whiten the hair, it just lightens the skin, just drink couple of spoons of tonic everyday and make full body whitening unbelievably super results.


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** Dr Wong Skin Whitening Pills

** Dr Wong Skin Whitening Cream

** Dr Wong Skin Whitening Serum


How Dr Wong Skin Whitening Tonic Works ??

After lots of research It s ingredients are formulated in such a way  it control the Pineal gland secretes melatonin and hence by regulating the gland secretion levels the melanin levels in the skin will be reduced gradually leading lightening and whitening of the skin..It has sure and desired results without any side effects.


It is the best homemade type skin whitening and skin whitening tips at home usage.


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Directions of Use : Drink the tonic morning and evening with 2 table spoon in size in each consumption.


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